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Choose the Perfect Stream/ Degree/ Job with our Career Counselling after 10th/ 12th/ Graduation

(For 3rd Std to Working Professionals)

Career counselling plans for students and career assessment test can help you narrow down your job choices and choose a career path that is compatible with your interests, skills, values, and personality. The planning of a career is among the most important decision of our life. We try our best to help students in their career planning by bringing all career-related problems and solutions under one roof. 

We offer career guidance plans to students based on their specific needs. With more than 2000 careers courses to browse, understudies directly from the eighth standard to working professionals can profit from the product. Our career assessment test has been designed after good research by psychologists and industry experts. Every student gets assigned a dedicated counsellor who will be accessible for face to face via telephone, Skype, depending on the student's location + preference.
With Our Proprietory Algorithm to calculate more than 5000 combinations of 500 plus Careers :

Advanced Career Assessment Test Engine
Click here  to download the reliability/validity technical manual of our career assessment test

Steps for Career Counselling:

1. Register and choose a package from the below table.
2. Complete the online Test at home.
3. Face to Face Counselling by Mentors in your area.
  • Free Plan 

  • Rs.0
  • All-Age groups.
  •                         Free Aptitude Test                               
  • Free Aptitude Test Report
  • Get Free
  • Telephonic Counselling (All-Age Groups)

  • Rs.1599
  •        Career Interest, Aptitude, Personality Test, Multiple Intelligence
  • Post Counselling Services
  • Automated Career Assessment Report with shortlisted Careers
  • Telephonic Counselling with Mentor
  • Purchase
  • Mentoring

  • Rs.999
  • All-age groups
  • Telephonic Counselling with Industry expert and admission counsellors for Career Growth prospects.
  • Careers Information
  • Telephonic Counselling Sessions
  • Purchase
  • Stream Selector

  • Rs.2499
  • 3rd Std to 10th Std (Science Stream, Commerce Stream, Art Stream )                                   
  • Career Interest, Aptitude, Personality Test
  • Automated Career Assessment Report  to shortlist appropriate Stream
  • 3 Aspired Careers suitability Analysis
  • Face to Face/Video Counselling with Mentor to shortlist appropriate Stream     
  • Post Counselling Services : Student Helpline, Study Abroad Helpline     
  • Purchase
  • Degree Selector

  • Rs.2999
  • 11th Std & 12th Std    (Degree/ Specialisation selector, Medical/ Engineering/ CA/ UPSC dropout options)                            
  • Career Interest, Aptitude, Personality Test
  • Automated Career Assessment Report to shortlist appropriate Degree
  • 3 Aspired Careers suitability Analysis
  • Face to Face/Video Counselling with Mentor to shortlist appropriate Degree
  • Post Counselling Services : Student Helpline, Study Abroad Helpline
  • Purchase
  • Graduates & Working Professionals

  • Rs.3499
  • (Mid-career change/Masters Specialisation Job selector, Mentoring with an Industry expert for growth Prospect)
  • Career Interest, Aptitude, Personality Test
  • Automated Career Assessment Report to shortlist appropriate Job Title
  • 3 Aspired Careers suitability Analysis
  • Face to Face/Video Counselling with Mentor to shortlist appropriate Job title
  • Post Counselling Services : Industry Expert Helpline, Study Abroad Helpline
  • Purchase
  • Self Management

  • Rs.2999
  • Total 5 hrs -2 weekends
  • Study habits
  • Time Management
  • Goal setting
  • Communication Skills
  • Handling exam anxiety
  • Purchase
  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Rs.2999
  • Total 5 hrs - 3 weekends
  • Relationship management
  • Managing Success, Failure, Stress, Anxiety and Peer Pressure 
  • Developing Healthy Habits
  • Identifying addictions and early interventions
  • Purchase
  • Leadership Skills

  • Rs.2999
  • Total 5 hrs - 2 weekends
  • Communications skills
  • Interpersonal skills and Negotiation Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Interview skills
  • Purchase
  • College Counselling

  • Rs.499
  • College Information 
  • Cutoff list
  • Shortlist Colleges
  • Purchase

Click Here to browse through the list of Careers from where suitable Careers would be shortlisted.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We are among the top career counselling companies. We help student/professional in making a right career decision throught career counselling process. Our process includes an online career assessment test which takes into consideration a person's aptitude, personality and career interest. A 36 pages assessment report is generated based on the test given. Face to face career counseling session is followed thereafter, where our certified trained mentor assists you in choosing the most suitable career path. We follow a step by step program which includes the Test, Report and face to face counseling with Mentors.  
Step 1: Choose a career counselling package and make an online payment.
Step 2: Give 10 tests from your desktop or mobile.
Step 3: Fill in 3 Aspired Careers and download the Automated Career Assessment Report.
Step 4: Attend the face to face counselling appointment with a Mentor where a Final Career path will be devised.

There is no such fixed period until the query is not solved, but the general process of Career Counseling is 2 Days :

1. Career Assessment Test (1st Day)

2. Report Generation (On the spot after completion of Test)

3. Personal Face to Face Counseling with Mentor in your Area (next day or any convenient day)

 For further details please click here

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